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Eagles Eagles & Redpath is the largest criminal defence firm in Southland. Our lawyers are highly trained, experienced, and knowledgeable in all litigation matters. Based in Invercargill, we are dedicated to give you transparent and professional legal advice you can rely on. If you are experiencing legal issues relating to your workplace, family, or community, we can assist and support you through the necessary processes. Keep reading below for more information or give our friendly team a call.


Roger Eagles and Peter Redpath have been dealing in the criminal courts for the past 30 years. Katy Barker, Eagles Eagles & Redpath's most recent Partner, has specialised in criminal law since beginning at the firm in 2010. Roger and Peter are one of the handful of Invercargill lawyers with top level legal aid provider status allowing them to deal with the most serious of criminal matters. Katy also holds provider status for jury trials, while Richard and her regularly appear in the District Court on lesser matters. Eagles Eagles & Redpath have a strong tradition of ensuring the right to legal counsel is upheld in the practical sense. We ensure that all matters are investigated fully to ensure the best outcome for our clients.


Peter Redpath has a strong presence in family law and is well known as a lead practitioner in Southland. As Lawyer for Child he has insight into dealing with family matters from all aspects. He is ably supported by Rosie Welsh in dealing with care of children matters and parenting agreements. Added to this Roger, Peter and Virginia all have specialised knowledge of relationship property and in ensuring our clients are ably represented in any negotiations to ensure they receive appropriate entitlements. They also assist, and given their experience, are able to properly advise what should be incorporated in Contracting Out Agreements to ensure our clients are properly protected.

Debt Recovery

Richard Little has been practicing in debt recovery for the majority of his time here at Eagles Eagles & Redpath. The recent changes to the District Court Rules have meant there is an reversion to old methods and ensuring you are aware of the different options and the benefits and disadvantages to each option is clearly explained to you is something Richard takes pride in. We will ensure that any issues you have with debtors are resolved in the most cost-effective and timely way possible.


Roger, Katy and Richard all deal in the Civil Court both at the District Court level and High Court level on a regular basis. We ensure that our clients' position is understood and correct before ensuring the backbone of any application or defence is arranged fully and presented to the court in an easily understandable and convincing manner.

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